VWPs & Casagrande Standpipes

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VWPs & Casagrande Standpipes

IGS has well-developed techniques and systems for installing both Casagrande-type open-standpipes and vibrating wire piezometers (VWPs).

This is “IGS everyday business”. 


Various direct-push installation methods and sealing systems are used, depending on circumstances and conditions in the field.  

Methods can be (and often are) tailored to suit a client’s preferences or instruments. We can install client supplied VWPs or supply VWPs to clients specifications. Our preferred VWP supplier is HMA Geotechnical. 

We have developed a few methods to install vibrating wire piezometers:

  • The simplest, and we believe the most “elegant”, method is shown in the adjacent figure.  A standard 19mm diameter VWP is sealed into our own-designed VWP Adapter, and dummied/direct-pushed to installation depth.  Sealing is achieved via the stainless-steel adapter itself, having a section above the VWP which is a larger diameter, and is thus forced into intimate contact with the soil.   The adaptor itslef has a sand filter around the VWP sensor and is sealed with  beontonite and wax within the stainless steel casing. 
  • The most complex method, now seldom requested by clients, involves installation by insertion through our 55mm OD CPT casing tubes, followed by placement of a small sand filter then bentonite pellet sealing.
  • Other methods are possible and available – if required.

As we are able to test the VWPs after placement within the fabricated adaptor, but prior to placement in the ground, we have a very high success rate in installation of VWPs by this direct push method compared with traditional drilled installation methods. 

Casegrande Standpipes

The most common method used by IGS for installing Casagrande Standpipes is a combination of “dummying” to make a hole, then direct-push-in of a galvanised steel encased Casagrande tip, pushed in by galvanised steel water pipe connecting tubes.  Though a little more complicated, PVC-cased Casagrande tips can also be installed by us, by insertion through our 55mm OD CPT casing tubes.  

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