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The Business

IGS is a specialist in situ testing and sampling contractor, recognised both nationally and internationally as ”one of the best”. We are physically based and staffed in Brisbane and Melbourne. We also operate “virtual bases” in Sydney, Newcastle, Launceston, Townsville and PNG. IGS is 100% Australian owned, run and staffed.  

The company started in Brisbane in 2000 under the vision of its founder, Allan McConnell (an experienced geotechnical engineer), to introduce up-to-date in situ testing & direct-push sampling technology to the Australian market, with the clearly-expressed mission of helping clients to “reduce geotechnical uncertainty”.

Including our founder Allan McConnell, who these days is focused on mentoring and training, in a transitioning phase, IGS is managed and run by three very experienced geotechnical engineers and two long-experienced Project Operators. No-one can claim to better understand our clients’ in situ testing and sampling needs and to know how to satisfy these.

IGS in Action...

Meet Some Of Our Team

Mark Chapman

Managing Director
Mobile: 0437 824 776

Mark Chapman is an experienced geotechnical engineer with a Master degree in Engineering Science from UNSW. Before IGS, Mark was a Senior Geotechnical Engineer at Wagstaff Piling and spent his life working with geotechnical data, much from IGS.

Mick O'Rourke

General Manager
Mobile: 0407 467 025

Mick began work with IGS 12 years ago, becoming a competent IGS Operator working throughout Australia. He then moved to our lab to set up our cone calibration system. After taking on more duties across all facets of IGS he became IGS’s General Manager. Mick still finds himself on site for inspections and occasionally running our rigs and projects.

Sergey Skrobotov

Southern Region Coordinator
Mobile: 0407 467 065

Sergey is our Southern Region Coordinator. He has been with us for more than 10 years. Sergey is an experienced IGS Operator and has worked on all of our rigs/equipment/vessels, throughout Australia and in PNG.

Wyn Binmore

Geotechnical Engineer
Mobile: 0417 423 769

Wyn Binmore is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer with over 20 years experience in the industry. He has been an Office Manager and National Operations Team member for one of Australia's largest geotechnical consultancies. Wyn has experience in most fields of geotechnics including, Civil and Defence Infrastructure, Ports and Reclamations, Dams and Tailings, Mine Infrastructure and rock and soil slope stabilisation.

Allan McConnell


Allan McConnell is a geotechnical engineer, with 50+ years of experience in Australia, SE Asia and the Pacific. He is the founder of IGS. Allan has experience in most aspects of geotechnical engineering. He is known for his past consulting work on major development projects, including many on soft soil sites, and for his “crusade” to reduce risk and uncertainty in geotechnical engineering. He is a Fellow of Engineers Australia and a Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland.

Sarah McConnell

Office Manager
Mobile: 0438 074 543

Sarah is IGS's Office Manager / WHS Advisor. She has been working for IGS since it’s conception in 2000.

Glen Beavan

Senior Operator
Mobile: 0407 467 010

Glen started with IGS over 12 years ago. Glen is one of our most experienced IGS Operators, and has operated all of our rigs/equipment/vessels at some stage. He has worked throughout Australia from Tasmania, to the NT and in PNG, Thailand and Philippines.

Russell Vincenzi

Technical Coordinator
Mobile: 0407 467 066

Russell has been with IGS for the best part of 10 years. He is a competent Rig Operator and has experience Australia Wide with all of our rigs/equipment/vessels.

Dave Chapman

Mobile: 0407 467 049

Dave began employment with IGS in 2014 and has worked with us throughout Australia and in PNG. He has worked on all of our rigs/equipment/vessels and is a competent IGS Operator.

Mitchell Ebrington

Mobile: 0455 596 191

Mitch first came to work at IGS in 2014. He is a competent IGS Operator, working on many of our rigs and equipment throughout Australia.

Sean Gibson

Mobile: 0407 467 482

Sean came to work at IGS in 2017 and has fast become a reliable Rig Operator. He has worked throughout Australia on most of our rigs/equipment/vessels.

Ryan Currall

Senior Operator
Mobile: 0407 467 335

Ryan has been with IGS for the best part of 10 years. He is a competent IGS Operator and has experience Australia-wide with all of our rigs/equipment/vessels.

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