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Welcome to Insitu Geotech Services

IGS is a specialist in situ testing and sampling contractor, recognised both nationally and internationally as ”one of the best”.  We are physically based and staffed in Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth. We also operate “virtual bases” in Sydney, Newcastle, Launceston, Townsville and PNG.   

IGS is 100% Australian owned, operated and staffed.    


We have 15 different testing/sampling rigs. Download data sheets on our range of rigs and equipment.

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Our Services

IGS provides high quality, in situ geotechnical testing & sampling services. Please follow the links for more information on our services.

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Who We Are

The company started in Brisbane in 2000 by Allan McConnell, and is 100% Australian owned, run and staffed.

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We undertake the following in situ geotechnical testing:

  1. CPT, CPTu & Seismic CPTu;
  2.  DMT & Seismic DMT
  3. P-Wave Profiling by SPDMT
  4. Tee Bar & Ball-Cone Testing
  5. Direct-Push Vane Shear Testing
  6. Soil Conductivity / Resistivity Profiling. 
  7. Pressuremeter Testing  

Undertake the following types of direct-push sampling:

  1. Very high quality 63mm and 75mm piston samples (by ourPPI devices);
  2. Disturbed but un-mixed and uncontaminated samples by Vertek Sampler or Geomil’s Ranger Samplers
  3. Enhanced Vibracore Samples
  4. Extremely soft to “liquid" sediment and/or tailings samples by our two Sucker Samplers
  5. Large bulk samples of extremely soft sediments or tailings using our BS Sampler.


We have 15 different testing/sampling rigs available. Please follow the links to see our fleet and details on each rig. Our Services:IGS provides high quality in situ testing and samplingservices. Please follow the link to our services which provides information on the range of testing and sampling that IGS can undertake.

Who We Are:

Insitu Geotech Services was started in Brisbane in 2000, we are 100% Australian owned, operated and staffed, with more than 200 years’ worth of combined engineering and in situ testing experience. Please follow the links above to find out more about Who We Are and what we can do.

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