IGS New Go-Almost Anywhere Rig “Elsie

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IGS CPT Rig Elsie
IGS CPT Rig Elsie

Introducing the latest addition to the IGS Fleet of custom designed and built CPT Testing Rigs

We are very pleased to announce our new go-almost-anywhere rig “Elsie”. This is a smart, capable and beautiful rig, named appropriately after Mick’s daughter.

Elsie is a 150kN machine capable of pushing harder, up to 250kN, if ballasted. She has the ability to push tests at three different controlled speeds: (i) the industry-standard 20mm/sec, but also (ii) 2mm/sec and (iii) 200mm/sec.

This capability is being built into most of IGS’s new rigs, to offer possibilities to clients who may want that capability.

Wide rubber tracks provide a ground contact pressure of around 25kPa.

Elsie has full remote control, including to its recovery winch, a facility that is very useful in some situations; another feature being built into most new IGS rigs.

Elsie loaded and ready to go…

For more information please contact any of us at IGS:

Mark Chapman
Mick O’Rourke
Sergey Skrobotov
Wyn Binmore
Allan McConnell